SuperDeafy and Branton Stewart Make 2016 ASL Night at Petco Park a Huge Success

The San Diego Padres, in partnership with Interpret San Diego, hosted ASL Night at Petco Park on Saturday, June 18, 2016. “ASL Night” returned for its second year. To prepare, Interpret San Diego worked with the Deaf community to facilitate meetings with Padres Executives. Many improvements were suggested as were a few surprises, like SuperDeafy and Branton Stewart.

San Diego ASL Interpreting

The first pitch was thrown by SuperDeafy! John Maucere, an acclaimed Deaf actor, who signed the National Anthem at Super Bowl XLVII and appeared in shows such as Law and Order, Switched at Birth, and No Ordinary Hero: The SuperDeafy Movie, was a joy to work with. 

San Diego ASL Interpreting

Interpret San Diego was also pleased to present Branton Stewart as the signer of the National Anthem. As a Deaf person who grew up in a Deaf family, Branton likes to think he’s the epitome of a southern gentleman, even if he’s the king of jokes.  It was when Branton began working with renowned comedian Keith Wann during the ASL Comedy Tour that he discovered his enthusiasm for comedy and storytelling. He has trained with renowned actors such as Bernard Bragg, Patrick Graybill and Ricky Smith, learning performance techniques and timing.

San Diego ASL Interpreting

Branton also owns CDI Network, a Deaf interpreting agency that provides interpreter services, mentoring and workshops. He makes his home in Temecula, California with his wife and their two dogs. If you ever need a story about miscommunication, Branton has plenty that will leave your cheeks hurting from laughing.

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