Our New App is Ready!

We very excited to share with you Interpret San Diego’s new App! Our App was designed for interpreters, our clients, and, most importantly, San Diego's Deaf community. We’ve listed the benefits of downloading and using our App below. Please try it for a few months, and let us know what you think. Your feedback will be greatly appreciated. 

Community Benefits:

  • Get to know Interpret San Diego. We are always working to be better.  
  • Stay in touch with “Community News,” which syncs with iDeaf News, Deaf Newspaper and Deaf News Today.
  • Stay in touch with “Our Blog,” which will start to feature guest blogs from our very own Deaf and interpreting communities.
  • Check out our latest photos.
  • Stay in touch with our Google Maps-enabled “Events and More” calendar, which will include community events, outreach programs, socials, training opportunities and more.
  • Lastly stay in touch by staying in touch. If you do not see a news source or an event listed, tell us through our “Join the Community.” Have something to bigger to share? Submit a blog or vlog that is specific to our San Diego Community, and we will pay you $150 if makes it on our Website and App.

Client Benefits:

  • Requesting a quote or booking an interpreter takes about 60 seconds.
  • Not sure? Learn able scheduling an interpreter via our FAQs and Terms.
  • Still not sure? Check out our extensive experience and client portfolio.
  • Getting close? Learn about our ‘Lowest Price Guarantee.’

Interpreter Benefits:

  • Never miss a job! Enable “push notifications” and get job announcements instantly.
  • Receive job confirmations with the option to sync with Google Maps and/or Google Calendar.
  • Interested in joining our roster of freelance interpreters? Answer a few quick questions to get started. Our benefits are unmatched.

About Interpret San Diego

With a strong understanding of Deaf culture, Interpret San Diego, a business of San Diego ASL Interpreting, LLC, offers American Sign Language (ASL) interpreters, and Video Remote Interpreting (VRI). We offer certified, local ASL interpreters in any setting, specializing in large events and conferences. With our cloud-based, on-demand VRI technology, our interpreters can be reached from anywhere in the country and we are proud to be the ONLY agency in San Diego that employs 100% of its ASL interpreters. Interpret San Diego is a certified Small Business by the State of California (#1754242)and a certified Small Local Business Enterprise by the City of San Diego (#14IS1244).