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100% Employed and Fully Insured.
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With a strong understanding of Deaf culture, Interpret San Diego offers American Sign Language (ASL) interpreters and Video Remote Interpreting (VRI). We offer certified, local ASL interpreters in any setting, specializing in large events and conferences. With our cloud-based, on-demand VRI technology, SoCal VRI, ASL interpreters (and spoken language translators) can be reached from anywhere in the country. We are also proud to be the ONLY agency in San Diego that employs 100% of its interpreters.

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A Few of Our Clients

Interpret San Diego is a strong proponent of developing and providing quality interpreting in any setting. In short, we are proponents of access. Advances to information technology, particularly mobile technologies can, if used correctly, better our lives. Take a look at Uber and DoorDash, which have opened up really cool job opportunities for the Deaf community. While VRI, another mobile technology, is not ideal for many within this community, it does provide assistance to those in remote areas who might struggle to find an interpreter. There is also a role for VRI during disaster recovery when hundreds of first responders need quick access to interpreters and translators.